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Shaping the people-and-planet-first generation.

We are an interdisciplinary community of students and industry professionals exploring impact investing, based at the University of Sydney.
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We are a group of driven, passionate individuals looking to make a difference.

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Beckon capital is proud to source our interns from SUIIS, each intern brings so much to our firm, they contribute to all aspects of our business - fund, platform, advisory and they add a great deal of value to us as fund managers, impact investors and as a team. They are smart and sassy and come with great attitudes & ideas.
Anne-Marie, CEO of Beckon Capital
SUIIS has provided me the opportunity to engage with industry and the student community around a mission that we’re all passionate about. The skills and relationships I’ve built have been invaluable. It’s especially exciting that SUIIS helped me land an intern role at Sentient Impact Group, where I’ve learned about the impact investing industry at a business that is operating at the forefront of it.

Chriso Chindilas, 2nd Year Commerce Law Student
Co-founding SUIIS has undoubtedly been the highlight of my five years at university. Born from a shared vision of an impactful career between three friends, SUIIS has grown into a diverse community of bright, driven and likeminded students. I am humbled every day by the tenacity with which my peers rally to solve complex problems and can say with full confidence that each and every student that volunteers their time into building the next generation of people-and-planet-first thinkers is a future change-maker.

Harrison Adkin, SUIIS President and Co-Founder


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